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Orthopedic issues affect more than just pro athletes. Whether it is a frozen shoulder, arthritis in the knees, or an acute joint injury, the decreased mobility and pain that accompanies these problems can be debilitating. Torrance orthopedic surgeon Dr. Chris Mellano brings the innovative procedures and experience he acquired working on athletes to your case so that you can get back to doing the things you love.

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Dr. Chris MellanoMoved to Improve

“As an active person, the things that bring me joy are fueled by movement. I’m a father of three young kids, and I love chasing them around. My practice goal is to help you enjoy whatever moves you.

“During my time with the Chicago White Sox and Chicago Bulls, I worked with athletes whose livelihoods depended on performing at a high physical level. When I trained with innovative surgeons like Dr. Joel Matta, I was fascinated by the idea of innovating procedures to reduce downtimes. This would be valuable not just for professional athletes, but for every patient. Orthopedic surgery is about much more than just muscle and bone. It means freedom, joy, and restoration. That’s why I tell my patients and staff that we are not in the business of surgery — we are in the business of changing lives.”

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Dr. Mellano - Torrance Orthopedic Surgeon

“My goal is to help you keep moving – to keep you active and help you maintain the ability to enjoy whatever moves you.” —Dr. Chris Mellano

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Shoulder Surgery

Excellence is our specialty

Shoulder problems don’t have to keep you out of the game. If you are experiencing tightness, pain, or limited range of motion in one or both shoulders, Dr. Mellano can help you assess your condition and provide multiple surgical and nonsurgical options to address your shoulder concerns.

Shoulder Surgeryarrow

Shoulder Replacement

Excellence is our specialty

Dr. Mellano has extensive experience in using the latest technological innovations to improve patient outcomes and lessen the downtime following shoulder replacement surgery. If you have been struggling with arthritis or limited mobility due to a previous injury, Dr. Mellano can assess whether you might be a candidate for shoulder replacement.

Shoulder Replacementarrow

Hip Replacement

Excellence is our specialty

Dr. Mellano is fellowship-trained in minimally invasive anterior hip replacement. This innovative technology is also called “muscle-sparing” hip replacement. In an anterior hip replacement, Dr. Mellano goes in through the front of the body, rather than the side or back. This preserves muscle and minimizes the size of the incision, resulting in less scarring and faster recovery.

Hip Replacementarrow

Knee Surgery

Excellence is our specialty

Ever wonder how pro athletes are back on the field in just months after knee surgery rather than years? The secret is arthroscopic knee surgery. Skilled surgeons like Dr. Mellano can repair your meniscus or reconstruct your ACL through an arthroscope, which dramatically reduces recovery times compared to traditional surgery. If you’ve experienced a knee injury, let Dr. Mellano use his experience working with professional athletes to guide you to a speedy recovery.

Knee Surgeryarrow

Knee Replacement

Excellence is our specialty

Arthritis, injury, or deformity of the knee can sometimes lead to the need for knee replacement. Usually, this happens when knee pain is persistent and resists other forms of treatment. This can lead to a loss of mobility, pain that wakes you up at night, inflammation, and other symptoms of persistent knee pain. Dr. Mellano performs computer-assisted partial and total knee replacements to eliminate persistent knee pain with a shorter road to recovery.

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Non-Surgical Solutions

Excellence is our specialty

Dr. Mellano believes that the surgeon who operates best is the surgeon who operates least. If there is a nonsurgical treatment for your condition, Dr. Mellano will help you find it. This includes non-surgical treatment options for arthritis, such as biologic injections as alternatives to cortisone. If surgery must be performed, Dr. Mellano has spent his career looking for methods that minimize downtime and provide great results.

Non-Surgical Arthritic Solutionsarrow

Health JourneysHear From Our Patients

As a hiking enthusiast, Torrance orthopedic surgeon Dr. Mellano knows that the path to better movement is rarely a straight line. However, like many journeys, there are milestones along our paths to healing where we can reflect on how far we have come and see the progress we have made. Here are some of the stories from Dr. Mellano’s patients that showcase the progress they’ve made on their Health Journeys.

Torrance Orthopedic Surgery Reviews

"I would highly recommend Dr. Mellano”

“Dr. Mellano was my hip surgeon twice. He was the only doctor, after years of pain, that would help me. He’s so kind and considerate. He listens to you and is not egotistical. He gave me a new hip and he did an amazing job.”

"Dr. Mellano made me feel very much at ease with the care for my mom today."

“Today I brought my mom to Dr. Mellano. My sister tells me of most doctors that she takes her to. She tells me about the insensitivity of the staff and the doctors towards elderly people."

"Thank you so much for your true and lived-out passion!"

“My Mom just adores you! My brother, who brought her to you for her first visit spoke so highly of you and was so taken back by your compassion and attention toward our mom. It’s genuinely hard to find such a physician as you. Please don’t change! Thank you for being you!”

"He was very patient, very kind, and caring."

"Today Dr. Mellano showed me that there are doctors out there who care for their patients. If you see this review Dr. Mellano again I thank you very much for making me feel at ease with trusting you in caring for my mom.”

Back On Your Feet FastOutpatient Procedures

As one of the best orthopedic surgeons Torrance and Manhattan Beach have to offer, Dr. Chris Mellano believes that your time is valuable. His approach factors in eventualities like your recovery time, physical therapy, hospital stays, and other aspects of healing other than the surgery itself. That philosophy has led Dr. Chris Mellano to develop multiple outpatient procedures that achieve the same results as major surgery - without the hospital stays or lengthy downtime.

Same Day Should Repair Torrance

Same Day Shoulder Repair

Shoulder injuries can be scary, but the healing process doesn’t have to be! Dr. Chris Mellano is an experienced arthroscopic shoulder surgeon who can often repair your shoulder without an overnight hospital stay. Studies have shown that patients who spend less time in the hospital have better outcomes and also spend less.

Same Day Total Hip Replacement Torrance

Same Day Total Hip Replacement

Dr. Chris Mellano is fellowship-trained in anterior hip replacement surgery and has spent years researching his same-day hip replacement technique. This outpatient procedure allows each of Dr. Mellano’s Torrance orthopedics patients to receive a completely new hip without having to spend the night in the hospital.

Same Day Knee Replacement Torrance

Same Day Knee Replacement

Depending on the scope of the surgery, knee replacement can be done as an outpatient procedure. This can decrease medical costs and improve outcomes. During your consultation with Dr. Mellano, he will go over your procedure and determine if you might be a candidate for same-day knee replacement.

PEER-Reviewed Progress

An accomplished writer and avid researcher, Dr. Chris Mellano has published multiple articles in distinguished medical journals and presented original research at national and international meetings.

His published works include articles and editorials in reputable journals like The American Journal of Orthopedics, Seminars in Arthroplasty, and the Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery. He has authored or collaborated in peer-reviewed research projects on important issues to the field, including multiple studies on Shoulder Arthroplasty. When you choose a surgeon for your procedure, it is important to make sure that your doctor is up to date on the latest innovations in their field. Dr. Mellano is not just aware of these innovations; he is actively engaged in creating them.

That Works
So You Can Play!

Sports Medicine arrow

You don’t have to be a professional athlete to benefit from sports medicine! Sports medicine simply refers to the branch of medicine that treats people who suffer from injuries or ailments related to athletic activity - which, when you think about it, covers just about any type of movement-related injury or illness. Dr. Mellano has practiced sports medicine on professional athletes and brings that level of expertise to your Health Journey.

Computer-Assisted Surgery arrow

Dr. Mellano is an enthusiastic proponent of computer-assisted surgery (sometimes known as robotic surgery). Computer-assisted surgery allows surgeons like Dr. Mellano to plan and execute surgeries with a level of precision that can not be achieved through traditional surgery. Dr. Mellano weaves these innovations into your surgery plan to improve your results and reduce your downtime.

Torrance Orthopedic Surgeon

Dr. Mellano’s mission is to give his Torrance patients the freedom to keep doing the activities they love. If you are struggling with joint pain, arthritis, lack of mobility, or joint inflammation, contact Dr. Mellano for a consultation so he can help you get moving again.

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