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Torrance Orthopedic sports medicine

Orthopedic Treatment & Prevention for Athletes of All Ages

At Mellano Orthopedics in Torrance sports medicine not only treats but also prevents, bone & joint injuries that can limit participation in sports and exercise. Chris Mellano, MD has special training in order to restore the functional ability of injured bones and joints so they can continue to lead an active lifestyle. He proudly serves adults, children, and professional athletes at his Torrance orthopedics practice.

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Elbow Sports Injuries

Dr. Mellano is pleased to offer cutting-edge elbow sports medicine to correct problems such as:

Tennis Elbow:

Repetitive stress and overuse of the elbow may lead to a condition known as lateral epicondylitis, also called tennis elbow. Once the elbow tendon is damaged, it can take months to heal in moderate to severe cases. If your tennis elbow is worsening over time or doesn’t respond to rest, ice, or a brace, Dr. Chris Mellano offers a minimally invasive tennis elbow surgery to fix damaged tendons. This is a one-day procedure performed in an outpatient setting.

Olecranon Elbow Fractures:

Falling and landing on the elbow can result in a painful elbow injury during practices or a big match. When the bony elbow tip is fractured, a sling or brace is used to immobilize the injury while it heals. Severe elbow fractures may require olecranon surgery, for example, if there is an open fracture that is visible through the skin. Dr. Mellano specializes in elbow surgery that is designed to get athletes back on the field with renewed use of the elbow after a full recovery.

Cubital Tunnel Syndrome

A compressed ulnar nerve in the elbow can cause pain to spread all the way down into the fingers, making everyday tasks and athletics that require the use of the forearm and hands difficult. When elbow pads, splints, and rest fail to fix the condition, cubital tunnel surgery may be suggested. This minimally invasive elbow surgery is a brief outpatient procedure performed by Dr. Chris Mellano to help prevent permanent nerve damage.

Torrance Orthopedic sports medicine

Knee Sports Injuries

Dr. Mellano strives to provide the best sports medicine Orange Country has to offer by providing highly specialized care in knee sports medicine, such as ACL reconstruction, knee cartilage repair, and meniscus surgery for the knee joint.

ACL Reconstruction

As an ACL reconstruction specialist in Torrance, he is uniquely trained in the latest arthroscopic knee surgery. Computer-assisted surgery is used to navigate the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL), specifically pinpointing the area that is damaged within a fraction of a degree. Dr. Mellano then reconstructs the ACL surgically, minimizing incisions with careful planning of the surgery to promote a fast return to an active lifestyle.

Hips Sports Injuries

Dr. Mellano routinely treats athletes with hip injuries so they can do what they love without pain. Same-day hip repair and replacement procedures are available using minimally invasive techniques. Dr. Mellano has received unsurpassed fellowship training in anterior total hip replacement with Dr. Joel Matta in Santa Monica, CA to offer best-in-class surgical outcomes related to hip injuries that disrupt a patient’s ability to participate in sports.

Professional Athletes Sports Medicine

In addition to school athletes and fitness junkies of all ages, Dr. Chris Mellano is proud to be a member of the medical staff for both the Chicago Bulls and Chicago White Sox. Professional athletes demand world-class care from a board-certified orthopedic surgeon to keep their bones and joints in pristine shape.

Cartilage Injury

Torn cartilage is a frequent occurrence in athletes of all ages. Cartilage cushions the joints in the knees, hips, ankles, elbows, and shoulders, which are subject to overuse when playing sports. Unlike other sports injuries, weak cartilage does not heal on its own. It often worsens when left untreated. Cartilage repair can be performed to relieve joint pain using a minimally invasive approach.

Orthopedic sports medicine Torrance

Meniscal Tears

A torn meniscus can result in substantial pain that hinders a person’s athletic ability when left untreated. After assessing the cause of knee pain, Dr. Mellano provides meniscus surgery when it is deemed to be in the patient’s best interest

While some damaged meniscus can be treated with rest, ice, and pain relievers, additional measures may be needed when the damage is widespread. Arthroscopic knee surgery and diagnostic imaging such as an MRI can be used to evaluate the severity of the meniscal tear. In the most serious cases, a meniscus transplant surgery can be performed to completely remove and replace the meniscus injury with a new cushion, thereby eliminating painful bone-on-bone friction.

Sports Medicine Torrance

Bone Fractures & Sprains

Fractured bones and wrist, elbow, foot, or ankle sprains are the most common injuries among sports players and non-athletes alike. Most cases will heal without surgical intervention.

However, when immobilizing a fracture or sprain is not enough to properly heal the broken bone, Dr. Mellano also provides surgery for fractured bones — such as when the broken bone has shifted out of place or is visible through the skin as a result of sports injury. With 11 years of surgical experience in orthopedic sports medicine, he provides expert repair of everything from sprains to stress fractures and substantial bone injuries that occur both on and off the field.

Adult & PediatricSports Medicine

School and recreational athletes across the Torrance area rely on Chris Mellano, MD every day for a wide range of sports injuries. He treats every athlete, no matter their age, with the same level of attentive care and compassion that he provides to the pro athletes he treats.


Athletes’ bodies are subject to repetitive motion, such as swinging a tennis racket, pitching a baseball, or using a golf club over and over. This can take a serious toll on the tendons over time. Sudden injury during sports can also trigger tendonitis as well.

While the condition can occur at nearly any age, patients over age 30 are most susceptible. Tendons become less elastic with age, and thus torn tendons are more likely to occur. This can involve the Achilles tendon, knee, hip, shoulder, or base of the thumb. Elbow strain may also occur. As a board-certified orthopedic surgeon that works with professional sports teams and individual athletes, Dr. Mellano is uniquely qualified to treat tendinitis using minimally invasive techniques that allow patients to resume the sports and hobbies they love.

Sports Medicine Torrance

Dr. Mellano’s mission is to give his Torrance patients the freedom to keep doing the activities they love. If you are struggling with joint pain, arthritis, lack of mobility, or joint inflammation, contact Dr. Mellano for a consultation so he can help you get moving again.

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